Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Happenings in my Imagination

Okay, so in the last post I gave a pretty broad overview of my writings and such. Here, I'll cover what is at hand.

As I mentioned, I'm editing "Faerlocher" and writing "Avesolitus".

Faerlocher progress is going... All right, I'm working on the second chapter, and it is going notably slower than the first chapter, mostly because I have three or four new scenes to write and add to chapter two. I'm making a pretty major change to the story: Adding a whole new character. So this will be a very interesting experience... I've probably never done this much major editing since I wrote Ravenhollow, and rewrote half the story. But, despite going slowly, it is going well.

In Avesolitus, I've finished chapter one, but am rewriting it. For the third time. Thankfully, I think this time will do it. I actually got inspiration at ten o'clock last night, my official bedtime that is often stretched because story inspiration loves to strike right around that time. Anyways, I wrote nearly a thousand words in thirty minutes, which was refreshing and, of course, exciting! Now I just need to read through it and see if it turned out as good as I thought it did last night.

Aside from those two stories, I'm determined to write a short story, eventually. I hate writing short stories, quite honestly, but it seems that is the best way to get noticed in the story writing world, so I'll just have to deal with it.

And, I'm developing the characters for "Einmaesquet" and "C.G.", which is my favorite part of story making. Characters are just plain awesome and so rewarding to get to know! I shall definitely have to make a post about my charries sometime...

Until then, farewell!

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