Monday, August 8, 2011

Greetings and Salutations, People of the World

Well... Hi!

After some thought as to what to use this blog for, since I'd started it on a whim without really knowing why I was starting this, I have decided to use it primarily for writing motivation.

So there you have it, what this blog is going to be about: My writings. I'll post updates about my writings, and probably some short stories too.

Now, who on earth am I? Good question...

I'm an aspiring writer, who writes primarily Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure novels, but also enjoys writing some Adventure novels that aren't Fantasy or Sci-Fi. I hope to get published one day, though I don't necessarily want to become really famous to the present day. Getting some notice now, enough to earn some money off of, then having my books last for a while after I'm dead would be awesome.

Aside from writing, I enjoy...

Music. I play piano, ocarina, drums, voice, and a little guitar, and have a lot more instruments I want to learn.

Foreign languages. Though I'm far from fluent in any language but English (and sometimes I really wonder how well I speak even that), I've played around in many languages... Latin, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, German, ASL, and Japanese. I'm currently focusing on Latin, due to my current novel.

Dance. I've had experience with a number of different dance types. Ballet, Square, Swing, Drill, and HipHop... Really enjoy that, much to some peoples' amazement, since I tend to be the more introverted type.

And, of course, I love to read. "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins, "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Narnia Chronicles" by C.S. Lewis, "Deception" by Randy Alcorn, and "Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are some of my favorites.

So. Since this is primarily going to be a writing blog, I suppose it would be a good idea to give you a brief idea where I stand, writing-wise.
I've come up with stories ever since I can remember, wrote my first story when I was around ten, and after that started several stories. I only finished two short stories, whilst all the rest of my ideas meandered on into nothingness, until I found "The One Year Adventure Novel" curriculum. With the help of that and National Novel Writing Month, I managed to finish my first novel in 2008: "Ravenhollow", a story about a school that housed and taught highschoolers with superpowers. Fantasy Adventure novel set in the modern world.

After that, I didn't write anything else until exactly a year later, instead I focused on editing and revising "Ravenhollow", which needed a lot of work.
But, in 2009, I began and finished "Secrets Rise", which was about a street girl caught up in the midst of a conspiracy. Adventure novel set in the modern world.

Then, I really started writing.
In 2010, I wrote four novels and novellas:
"Raven" (a Fantasy Adventure novella set in a medieval world, about a girl who controls shadows)
"Lost and Found" (another Fantasy Adventure novella, set in the modern world this time, about a girl with bird wings from an institution that does experiments on humans)
"Faerlocher" (a Fantasy Adventure novel [my longest novel up to date] set in the modern world, about a girl who finds dragons and faeries in her barn)
and "Hidden" (a Mystery/Fantasy/Adventure novel set in the same medieval world as "Raven", about a woman trying to figure out who or what is behind the mysterious deaths of people in her village)

This year I have only finished one novel: "Fusion through the Flood", an Adventure set in the modern world about a group of spies.
I've been focusing more on editing/revising/polishing a novel ("Faerlocher") to prepare it for publishing.

Not long after deciding to focus on "Faerlocher", I found that I cannot go without writing something new for long, so I took up my idea list, and am now in the midst of both editing "Faerlocher", and writing a new, currently unnamed story that I am simply calling "Avesolitus" at the moment. I would tell you what it is about, but honestly, all I know is that it is Sci-Fi/Fantasy, set in the future, about a group trying to save an almost extinct species. Sounds really boring, I know, but this nearly extinct species is a group of warriors with flying squirrel-like wings who speak Latin... well, it is a bit more interesting. At least, I hope so.

Aside from "Avesolitus", I'm soon going to be writing two other stories, both unnamed, but at the moment being called:
"Einmaesquet" (Sci-Fi, Adventure)
and "C.G." (Sci-Fi?, Adventure)

And no, I'm not saying much of anything about those two. Mostly because I haven't the slightest clue what they're going to be about. All I know is the characters, as is usual when I start working on a novel. So you don't get to hear how awesome they are.
Or maybe you're relieved you don't have to hear me ramble about them.

Now... this post has gotten a lot longer than I thought it would be, so I'll wrap it up. And possibly shorten it if I read through it on the blog and decide I don't want to completely bore anyone who stops by right off the bat.

If you're still reading, thanks for doing so! Hopefully I'll actually pay attention to this blog instead of forget about it...


  1. Huzzah for blogs!

    I want to finish/restart and finish Secrets Rise...can you email it to me, or do I need to come to your house in the dead of night and hack into your computer?

    That is all.


  2. Hee...well then, which one would you suggest?

    And I'd rather have comments on my blog exclusively relevant to the blog itself. Just the kind of atmosphere I want to have.
    Thanks for the encouragement/compliment, though. (I went ahead and approved that comment 'cause it said something about the blog too. ;) )

    Anyways, yes. Thanks!

  3. Oh, right then. =) I've always been told to reply to comments on my blog by posting on the other person's blog, so. I shall keep this in mind in future. ^.^

    And... eesh, I dunno which I would suggest. =/ "Lost and Found" is pretty good... there's things I want to change, but it is one of my better novels. If you don't mind Fantasy. "Fusion through the Flood" is another one of my better ones (probably the best up to date...) but I... -cough-haven'tfinishedchaptertwelve-cough- >_O If I remember right, "Raven" was one of my better ones too... But I haven't read through that one for ages, so. =P