Saturday, December 10, 2011

August 15th

Post title look familiar? Believe it or not, that was the last time I posted on this blog! Why? Because I've been eaten by a giant mutant snail? Because I've been frightfully busy getting published?

Sadly, no. No, the real reason is much less exciting, and actually, a bit embarrassing. I completely and utterly forgot I had started this blog!

I know, rather a "fail" moment, right?

Ah well. I'm back to revive things! And, and update is in order.

First off, I'm not working on Avesolitus anymore. No, it wasn't working very well, and I've decided to let it rest for a while. Instead, I'm working on Nightmare, which is a working title. I'm on the fourth chapter, and it is going much more smoothly than Avesolitus.

Second, the Three Day Novel went well! I wrote Unmasked, which turned out quite a bit better than I thought it had, though still needs major work. It ended at about 30,000 words. I also finished Raven; Book Two, during NaNoWriMo, which wrapped up at about 45,000 words.

So, this year, I've written three novels:
Fusion through the Flood
Raven; Book Two

It's been a pretty good year! Though not as good as the last, when I wrote four new books... Ah well.

I've gotten several more story ideas. Yeah. Like I need the distraction right now. And have entered a contest that, should I win, would mean consideration of publication, and $800! Nice, right? Those results are announced on the nineteenth, so, of course, I'm eagerly awaiting that date.

And... Well, that about wraps up the updating writing-wise!

Watch out for another post soon!

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  1. Oh good. I was a bit frightened about those SOUS's [Snails Of Unusual Size]. If people disappear, you just never know...