Thursday, December 15, 2011

Progress and Points of Interest

Well now, look at that. I'm posting here again! Hurray!

All right. Story related updates are as follows:
I finished chapter four of Nightmare yesterday. I don't believe I've said much, if anything, about this story yet... It is actually rather complicated. A couple different storylines mushed together.
It's a Fantasy, set in modern times. The main character, Cashmere, is a child counselor. She has recently completed her training, and taken up her first patient; a five-year-old girl named Jodi.
Very soon, Cashmere finds that there is much more going on than just "speech impairments and emotional and behavioral problems". Cashmere is pulled into a supernatural battle, between two far from normal girls, and a whole other aspect concerning her own past and fears, which haunt her in unnervingly real nightmares which seem somehow connected with little Jodi.

Well, that's a very rough sum-up, anyways. I'm horrible with synopsis, but ah well.

Aside from Nightmare, I've been editing and revamping Faerlocher, which is a novel containing dragons, faeries, an overly imaginative girl named Annebelle, and a troublesome boy named Harvey. And I've been puttering around editing and fixing Unmasked, which is the story I wrote for 3-Day-Novel.

I've also been struggling to not be distracted by another clamoring story idea that has recently risen. Ah, the horrors of writing.

Stories aside, my praying mantis' egg sac hatched, and I now have baby praying mantises! They're adorable! Of course, my first worry upon seeing them was, "What on earth am I going to feed them?", as the smallest cricket I've seen is twice the size of these little critters. After Googling the question, however, I found that you can feed them hamburger! So, I'm trying that. We'll see if it works!

I also decided to get my nose pierced. Which hurt horribly, and I wouldn't do it again, given the chance.

I'm continuing work on playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano. I've completed the first and second movements, and can play them without the sheet music, and am currently halfway through the third page of the third movement. The third movement is probably the hardest piece I've played, mostly because it is so fast, and I'm having trouble finding patterns in the music to help me remember it.

And... that's about it!

Until next time!

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