Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have just about always considered myself, and been considered by other people, as being weird. However, today I was thinking (yes I know, dangerous pastime) and it hit me that there are many different kinds of weird.


Authors, like myself, are obviously considered weird for talking about their characters as if they were real. Because they *are* real. Ahem. We're known for talking to our characters, drinking high amounts of caffeine, staying up late into the night, wearing glasses, being messy (both in personal hygiene, and living quarters), isolating ourselves, smoking, sitting around in our pajamas all day, complaining about the dreaded "writers' block", owning cats, being depressed, emotional, and schizophrenic, staring absently into space, and doing strange things like blindfold one's self for hours or limp around on crutches to gain more experience. Of course, I don't smoke, though I do want a pipe simply for the sake of having one (J.R.R. Tolkien had a pipe!!!). I don't sit around my pajamas all day either, though I wouldn't mind that... These stereotypes in mind, it's no wonder we're considered weird! And just for the record, I both recorded these stereotypes from personal experience, and researched them on Google to see what other people thought of authors.

Now, recently I began attending swing dances. I'd taken dance lessons before, in Hip Hop, Drill, and Ballet, but attending the swing sessions ended up being something completely different. There were dancers, good dancers, in a large concentration. Dancers, I found, are a whole different set of strange. And it weirded me out at first.
It took me a while to figure out what exactly it was about them that seemed so weird, but at last I got it figured out. Dancers, are *extremely* expressive. And when I say "extremely", I mean it. Several of them also walked the line between friendly, and flirtatious, with everyone they danced with; which bewildered me all the more. Of course, to some people, the expressiveness a dancer displays might not be so strange, but to me... I found myself standing in a lesser populated corner, staring at the dancers and trying to figure out what it was that bemused me so much about them. What was wrong with them?
But there it was. Extreme expressiveness.

Authors, dancers... Next?

Musicians. I didn't know musicians were considered weird until recently. I would call myself a musician, as I've played the piano for about eleven years, sing, am learning the drums and ocarina, and have attempted violin and guitar. I've known people who are musicians, also. And, I've never seen how they could be classified as strange. However, they are considered so.
I know that drummers are considered not quite as bright as other instrumentalists. After playing the drum, I can see why; there is a certain... strange, light feeling one gets in their head after playing for half an hour, let alone an hour or two. Or maybe I'm alone in that.
That aside, I honestly don't know exactly what to say about this category. I only know that people have mentioned that musicians are weird. Someone enlighten me?

Cosmetologists are next. Why? Because my mom's one, so I've heard what the stereotype is. They're considered weird for: Partying a lot, having tattoos and piercings, and for doing crazy things to their hair. Just for the record, my mom is not considered a stereotypical cosmetologist.

Strange how, whatever you do in this world, you'll probably be considered weird in some way. Ah well, I'm content to be thought weird.

Well, those are the top groups on my mind at the moment. Post with your own thoughts on the matter?

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