Sunday, July 6, 2014

Insomniac Raven

Apparently my body doesn't know how to sleep.

Because this is the I-don't-know-how-many-th time I've laid in bed until ├╝ber late, then finally given up and decided to write a blog post instead.

Okay then. That's fine. It isn't like I need to go to work or anything tomorrow. Or later today technically.



What about a random update-ish post? Since I can't really think of anything else to blog about and usually after blogging I can actually fall asleep? Maybe I should rename this "The Insomniac Raven's Blog"....

Okay! So, writing-wise, I'm working on a novel titled "Rising as we Fall" which is about nephilim and such and is shaping up to be really spiffy, if I do say so myself. What's making the writing process with this particular novel interesting is that my muse absolutely refuses to cooperate whenever I face a computer screen, so I literally am writing this story completely by hand in a notebook. 

... I really hope I don't lose that notebook.

But yes. Spiffy nephilim story is spiffy.

Also, I wish that characters would slow down with the whole showing up and demanding I pay attention to them thing, because as much as I absolutely adore charries, I absolutely adore them too much, and therefore get sidetracked from what I'm supposed to be writing when they show up.

Seriously, guys (charries). Stahp.

Hm. It's striking me that perhaps writing a rambling blog-post when I'm sleep deprived isn't a good idea. I have the most certain feeling that when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to vigorously facepalm at myself.

Oh well.

What else?

Still doing the college thing. Psychology, emphasis in Behavior Analysis, minor in Criminal Justice.

Still doing to work thing. Piano teaching, librarian-ing, waitressing.

Ooh, there's a topic. Waitressing. Let me tell you, that gets interesting. My coworkers are actually pretty cool for the most part. There are a couple I sort've very much dislike working with, and one that makes work rather... eventful... but for the most part, they're nice people otherwise. The people that come in to eat are usually pretty chill, too. In that none of them have yelled at me or left me nothing for a tip or something of that sort yet. Of course, there's always those few customers that leave me wanting to kindly drop a plate on their head, but thankfully those don't occur every day. And I've also never indulged in that impulse. And don't intend to either. That would be rather disturbing...

The weirdest thing has been the scheduling. I'm a very schedule loving person. Not in the "every moment of the day must be planned" kind of scheduling, but the "I work (or attend classes) these days, these times, regularly" kind of scheduling. Which is not so with serving. I get a schedule for the week, this is true, but it is different every week. Which very much messes with my sense of time.

My sense of time that is currently and absolutely non-existent at the moment. Which is somewhat distressing. Call me odd, but I rather like to know what day of the week it is without consulting a calendar, or having to think for a prolonged period of time to figure it out.

Ah well. All the same, it is a job, offers enough challenges to keep me occupied, and I get to meet interesting people.

I just collapse into a mostly incoherent heap and watch mindless tv shows when I get home afterwards.

Hey, it works.

Well, my eyes are finally starting to act as if they'll stay shut now, so I'll bid you all goodnight!

- Raven