Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals and Such

So, I recently returned from a writers' workshop that I've been attending since 2010. It's put on by One Year Adventure Novel (lovingly known as OYAN) and consists of the Summer Workshop and the Winter Workshop (which has actually only been around three years). It's kinda awesome how much OYAN has grown-- the first workshop (Summer Workshop) in 2010 lasted only a day and consisted of a very small number of students. Like, twenty or less.

I haven't attended the last two Summer Workshops, but they're now HUGE. I think the last one I attended had more than eighty students, and it lasts for five days now. The year before last they introduced the Winter Workshops, for the older (mostly graduated) students, which are smaller, and wonderful.

Every year, I leave super inspired and ready to work on more story stuffs. This year they had a focus on making goals as well, so I left inspired as well as with goals in mind and a head-start actually meeting them. 

Aaaand, I'm going to post them on here.

Writing Goals for 2015:

Finish the rough draft of the current novel I'm working on (Rising as We Fall)
Finish editing my murder mystery
Get a short story published
Enter at least one story contest

Poof and voila! Writing goals! Yay!

I shall hopefully update my progress on these regularly (hopefully)!

- Raven

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